Business Continuity Audit & Planning

Business Resiliency, Continuity and Resumption are vital to the success of your enterprise.  This program will focus on a tailored program for your specific operations and will eliminate any costly and unnecessary process steps.


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PRS is one of the US leading companies in the security field that I was honored to have had gone through this training with! The course provided me with skills & knowledge coupled with hands-on learning that I can apply in my profession. I found the training extremely valuable and practical. It was very rewarding!

Saad Jaaran, Saudi Aaramco

Attendees will...

  • Consider the significant costs associated with maintaining the status quo
  • Explore the relationships between business units, functions and criticality
  • Learn how collaboration with in-house subject matter experts aid this process
  • Discover how routine maintenance can create challenges and what you can do about them to avoid failures
  • Develop a keen eye for single point failures and how to document them
  • Be challenged to be resourceful and creative with solutions and processes
  • Learn how to gain management support and obtain budget dollars
  • Realize a targeted program yields results, while leveraging your internal domain expertise