Retail Security Training

Loss Prevention agents must have proper observations, verbal and physical skills so that they can minimize risk for themselves, client personnel, and the customers that they may interact with. This training program covers nine (9) areas which today’s LP agent working the front lines of defense for their employer will encounter and must be aware of at all times.

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Attendees will learn...

  • The Art of Shoplifting (30 min) - How to Shoplift, Professionals vs Amateurs, Detetion
  • Review of State Lawks (30 min) - This is specific to the state to which agents will operate within
  • Officer Safety (1 hour) - Body positioning and posturing, how to present oneself in the most authoritative position possible while maintaining customer service
  • Escorting & Detaining (1 hour) - Proper use of techniques for suspects under detention
  • Weapons Search of Suspects (1 hour) - Proper use of techniques in a search for weapons on a suspect; pat downs
  • Defensive / Control Tactics (1 hour) - Proper use of techniques in self-defense, use of force & escalation control
  • Active Shooter for Unarmed Security (1 hour) - Practical skills for any civilian in surviving an active shooter scenario
  • Officer Professionalism (20 min) - Appearance, Grooming, Contact with Law enforcement
  • Report Writing (20 min) - Who, What, When, Where, How; Stick to the Facts
  • Testimony (20 min) - Grand Jury Testimony & Trial Presence
  • Practical Skills Assessment (30 min) - Role play several scenarios & situations that were learned through the training class
  • Certificate of Training