Workplace Violence Prevention

Active shooter, workplace violence shooters, even domestic terrorism frequently cause people to pause and ask the question “Why?”. Why would someone do this? Leading experts in the field have been asking the same question for a long time – hoping to find the answer. For once we understand the “whys” of something, we can often put together techniques or actions to resolve these behaviors. Traditionally not a bad concept – but in this case, it’s wrong.

Once the experts began keeping track of all the “whys” for these actions, they soon found there was little consistency between perpetrators, and the laundry list of whys became too numerous to list. The good news, research has been establishing common behaviors among these offenders.

Learn these identifiable precursors to violence at our seminar, Active Aggressors: Workplace Violence Prevention, as nationally prominent expert in this field, Dr. Michael Corcoran, reviews and examines these concerns. Learn valuable and accurate ways to identify and thus prevent shooters in your workplace.


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