The Law of Magnetism as applied to Executive Protection


According to leadership expert John Maxwell, the Law of Magnetism is one of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership.  At its core, this law states that who you are is who you attract.  If one is to believe in a set of values they will attract talent who also believes in the same set of values.  In the security profession, we pride ourselves on being discrete with our employer’s & client’s information, honest in our communication, and innovative in our thought-process towards our approach to problems. These are all terrific traits; but how do we know before hiring someone to our team that they will meet the job benchmarks and fit into the team environment & corporate culture created?





At PRS, we believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, reliability, and innovative thought processes towards real-world solutions.  We want to surround ourselves with the best-in-class talent possible while also striking a balance in our team so we all complement each other’s strengths & opportunities.  We strive to find like values in those who desire to work with us and/or represent our brand. Recently, PRS has put together a group of subject matter experts to work towards establishing a new, fresh approach to talent selection.  This exclusive bench-marking process  will first be implemented in our Executive Protection services.  Though a key accountability assessment we will deliver a custom-tailored job bench-mark for each role within Executive Protection, scoring our final candidates for positions based on:

  1. Behaviors
  2. Driving Forces
  3. Acumen Capacity Index
  4. Competencies



This process encompasses soft skills which we compare against well-defined, agreed upon organizational needs.  This approach is based on extensive study and input from a group of subject matter experts, thus providing the maximum opportunity for success within the position.  The ideal candidate meets or exceeds the benchmarks created for the position. The gap analysis report crafted for each candidate identifies their match to the job and where they may be over or under qualified, also allowing PRS to focus on developmental growth within it’s people.  Our new bench-marking process allows us to use predictive analytics to determine performance and best fit for each client’s unique needs.  We are able to identify each team member’s competencies, skills, and style allow best fit selection.  The overall process leads to reduced costs for the organization for hires later determined not to be a fit, increased morale, reduced turnover & stress, and reduction in potential risks to reputation and organizational brand image.  We have to date provided best-in-class personnel and this new, fresh approach to Executive Protection selection will allow us to elevate our talent while enhancing the client experience. The ultimate benefit is our client’s satisfaction and the establishment of a long and successful relationship.  Further, our new process is fully EEOC and OFCCP compliant with no adverse impact showing reliability and validity as PRS is an equal opportunity employer.


How would you like the ability to know how a candidate thinks and fits into your culture before they ever set foot into your program?  The hard skills (concealed weapons permits, industry experience and related resume listed items) are relatively easy to locate.  The soft skills are more difficult to find.  We believe our unique approach on talent selection and career path development will be ground-breaking and that those customers who desire to participate in this will yield TERRIFIC results (the PRS senior leadership team has already experienced it by going through this process ourselves)!  Our newly defined program allows the use of science and empirical data to assist in finding the best quality agents for your roles.

Co-Authored by Al Robinette, President, Career Path Consulting & Development



Michael Delamere
Michael Delamere
I work with organizations to resolve security and risk related issues in today's fluid global environment. I am committed to client service delivery through operational excellence. I am a people-oriented, empathetic, active listener who uses a realistic and objective focused approach. These attributes allow me to create steady and consistent experiences for my clients, their organizations, and client objectives. I am driven to be very diligent and resourceful and will strive to create a winning strategy for all involved. I have 20 years of experience in security operations having held a number of positions within my career. I've worked with many Fortune 1000 corporations supporting their global security needs. Areas of expertise include corporate investigations, private security, personal protection, vulnerability assessments, security surveys, and guard force management. I have years of personal experience working in major U.S. cities such as Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and internationally including Barcelona Spain, London England, Sao Paulo Brazil, Manila Philippines, Frankfurt and Munich Germany. I provide services in 70 countries around the world to serve my clients needs at all levels. Contact: