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Corporate Espionage



“What keeps you up at night?” When asked this question of top level executives of any successful US based company the answer is invariably about the wholeness, soundness of the business and its performance. In short it is about the business integrity of the company.

While cyber hacking is an ever-present threat it is only one thin band in the spectrum of threats that befalls ANY company. The much broader band of the spectrum may not be “whiz bang” but it is just as much a clear and present danger. That threat may come in the form of:

  • Fraud, embezzlement, diversion
  • Employee raiding (enticement to gain intellectual property by reverse engineering)
  • Extortion, coercion, blackmail
  • Elicitation (gaining proprietary information using subterfuge and implicitly)
  • Solicitation (gaining proprietary information by recruitment of confederate internal “moles”)
  • Conflict of interest – co-opting internal help by breaking of non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements

And finally….

  • Stealing intellectual property such as formulas, database, algorithms, customer lists, budget plans using various types of espionage techniques (see above)

Due to the slowing global economy and the rising friction between nations who are trading partners that compete in the global marketplace, the frequency and severity of attacks will ramp up very quickly! The attacks may be to copy whole segments of your business and thereby replace you in the marketplace or to attack your reputation and brand so as to pull your company down to the attacking company or entity’s advantage.

Problem Cause:

Corporate Espionage PreventionKeep in mind the attackers are:

  • Purposeful attackers – that is, they are attacking you to achieve a goal
  • Powerful entities – whether they are companies, state-owned enterprises, or foreign agencies of nations – well financed, thought out and clear mandate to ruin you
  • Almost always done with the help of your company’s internal employees (management or staff)
  • Never a one-off attack but a steady campaign until the demise of your company or division is achieved
  • Not deterred by conventional legal remedies and “fixes” or the “punish the perpetrator” model which most US based firms use when confronted with such a situation

There is a way to prevent and stop this terrible trend because we have helped others who have been attacked and we know the methods of approach and the procedures of engagement that the attackers use.

If you suspect or are troubled by certain things you’ve seen in your business world then let’s talk. We know this terrain very well.


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