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Private Security Services


Premier Risk Solutions LLC offers strategic insight into providing world class executive protection solutions for any threat to an organization. Through proper advance planning and research in a risk assessment process, a blueprint and plan for a comprehensive long-term solution is formed.

Premier Risk SolutionsWith the aid of seasoned professionals, the vast majority originating from either a law enforcement / POST academy and/or military background, you will receive a high caliber of service that is reliable, respectful, responsible and — above all else — professional.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection agents are not your typical bodyguard.  When you have a personal executive protection agent from Premier Risk Solutions, you have peace of mind knowing you’re protected from physical threats. We understand you might have concerns for both your personal reputation and discretion. This is why our agents are held to a strict code of ethics. They are both professional and discreet, and will ensure your reputation is kept intact and your private life remains private.  We specialize in helping clients protect their families, physical property, reputation and financial value. We provide nothing but the best services to our clients.

We know that VIP’s, development staff and executives are faced with difficult security concerns, which is why we provide our unique executive protection service. Our specialists are former members of law enforcement and the military, they are licensed by their jurisdiction and have met or exceeded all industry criteria. They can be employed as part of a team or they can be dispatched individually. Some of their experience includes crisis management, travel management, emergency coordination and discretion, which is extremely important to our clients.  Under special circumstances, clients may require an embedded executive protection team which is comprised of both close protection officers and residential security agents.

Our teams have experience working in complex environments. They are accustomed to dealing with our clients’ individual requirements, creating a personalized culture fit.

Our agents, also known as executive and close protection officers, are held to very high standards. Our standards include personnel who excel in the following competencies: are Resilient, take Personal Accountability, have strong Time & Priority Management skills and are Flexible. In addition, the agents have strong Forward Thinking, Decision Making and Project Management prowess.  Our officers are certified and qualified and have undergone rigorous training requirements.

The agent we assign to you will know defense techniques and also know how to conduct a basic threat assessment.  In our secure transportation services, they will have developed advanced driving skills.

PRS personnel will be able to provide protective
service solutions for the following areas of interest:
  • Executive Protection Security
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • High-Risk Terminations
  • Plant Closures
  • Robbery Suppression
  • VIP / Dignitary Security

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    Int’l Executive Protection

  • Asset Protection
  • Travel Security
  • Strike Force Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Security Guard Services
  • Close Protection

Crisis Management

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May Day Protests

Premier Risk Solutions LLC provides global response services to natural and/or man-made disasters. Whether an organization’s needs are armed, unarmed, at the workplace or key management residences PRS’ personnel are equipped to deal with precarious circumstances that can be encountered during a disaster response.

Be prepared that personnel quite often need to travel into the impacted region from outside as those inside the region are already dealing with personal affairs due to the nature of the disaster. PRS has assets in 70 countries around the globe to assist with evacuation of key personnel or protective service operations. PRS can assist with pre-planning for such crises to allow for business continuity as best as logistics allow during the time of the crisis.


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