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We know that VIP’s, development staff and executives are faced with difficult security concerns, which is why we provide our unique executive protection service.

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Executive Protection

Premier Risk Solutions LLC offers strategic insight into providing world class executive protection solutions for any threat to an organization. Through proper advance planning and research in a risk assessment process, a blueprint and plan for a comprehensive long-term solution is formed.

With the aid of seasoned professionals, the vast majority originating from either a law enforcement / POST academy and/or military background, you will receive a high caliber of service that is reliable, respectful, responsible and — above all else — professional.

Our Executive Protection agents are not your typical bodyguard. When you have a personal executive protection agent from Premier Risk Solutions, you have peace of mind knowing you’re protected from physical threats. We understand you might have concerns for both your personal reputation and discretion. This is why our agents are held to a strict code of ethics. They are both professional and discreet, and will ensure your reputation is kept intact and your private life remains private. We specialize in helping clients protect their families, physical property, reputation and financial value. We provide nothing but the best services to our clients.

executive protection and private security in the Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma area

Flexible Scenarios

PRS personnel will be able to provide protective
service solutions for the following areas of interest:

  • Executive Protection Security
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • High-Risk Terminations
  • Plant Closures
  • Robbery Suppression
  • VIP / Dignitary Security
  • Int’l Executive Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Travel Security
  • Strike Force Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Security Guard Services
  • Close Protection
executive protection and private security experts serving seattle, bellevue and tacoma

Personalized Culture Fit

PRS has developed our own Personalized Culture FitTM program that utilizes science of self methodologies creating custom job benchmarks for our staff to integrate into our client’s corporate culture and structure.

Based on their experience working with Executive Protection providers these are the top five areas that they deem are most important for agents:

  1. Resiliancy
  2. Time and Priority Management
  3. Personal Accountability

In doing so, we can provide an additional level of comfort and definitiveness to our clients that the final candidate(s) selected for the role(s) will be a great match. The longer-term implications for this include reduced turnover, higher job satisfaction, engaged employees and a more satisfied client when proper fit is established and maintained. Bottom line, relationships matter and knowing our client’s unique needs for consistency and reliability is of utmost importance to PRS and the next evolution in Executive Protection.

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