PRS Radio Show #12 – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria April 4, 2017

Time: 15:25

Mark Kominek, Senior Consultant and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Expert for PRS and former FBI Agent discusses  the current state of technical espionage devices being used against corporate America and what can be done to guard the C-Suite at the office and at home.

If your organization would like to confidentially discuss any potential concerns you may have, please email us at info@www.premierrisksolutions.com  or call us at 206-735-4956.

**We recommend you make such calls from outside the area of concern. Do not use any mobile or hard-wired telephony or other equipment you feel may be compromised.

About the Author

Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria, CFDC serves as Managing Director | Consulting for Premier Risk Solutions. Joe lived and worked in Asia for many years, serving in a similar role for a global security organization. He then lived and worked in Canada for 15 years. Joe began his career in law enforcement and has engaged in global crisis security response for over 25 years. He is a Certified Food Defense Coordinator and has performed many food defense vulnerability assessments for large food production operations. He has performed over 600 risk assessments and 500 CPTED reviews for clients in banking, stock exchanges, high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. Joe is passionate about listening to client needs and providing kick-ass consulting solutions. He lives in and volunteers in emergency management in Blaine, WA. Joe holds several radio licenses and is a licensed Amateur Radio Operator - W7BWA. You can reach him via: Email: Joe@PremierRiskSolutions.com

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