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Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria January 27, 2017

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The mainstream media is continually reporting on IT security vulnerabilities, Russian, Chinese and other apparent state-sponsored hacking and the potential for Alexa to spy on you, something appears to be missing in this conversation.

The elephant in the room for many CSOs we have been talking to and the thing that keeps them up at night is an equally, if not more fatal threat. While cyber security is a very valid concern, there is a movement afoot in the US and indeed global marketplace to steal wholesale parts of your business enterprise.

Learn where these threats come from and who the players are behind it. Hear how proactive assessments and programs will determine your very survival as a brand, should these disruptive activities overtake you.

In this edition of PRS Radio, Joe Zaccaria interviews John Lee about this very real global threat. John previously directed security operations across Asia for a global security giant. He has witnessed first-hand the devastating impacts these events have had on some organizations who reached out to him for help.

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Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria

Joe Zaccaria, CFDC serves as Managing Director | Consulting for Premier Risk Solutions. Joe lived and worked in Asia for many years, serving in a similar role for a global security organization. He then lived and worked in Canada for 15 years. Joe began his career in law enforcement and has engaged in global crisis security response for over 25 years. He is a Certified Food Defense Coordinator and has performed many food defense vulnerability assessments for large food production operations. He has performed over 600 risk assessments and 500 CPTED reviews for clients in banking, stock exchanges, high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. Joe is passionate about listening to client needs and providing kick-ass consulting solutions. He lives in and volunteers in emergency management in Blaine, WA. Joe holds several radio licenses and is a licensed Amateur Radio Operator - W7BWA. You can reach him via: Email: Joe@PremierRiskSolutions.com

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