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Professional Event Security Specialists

Safeguarding Executives and Large-Scale Events in 70 Countries

Premier Risk Solutions offers a full range of event and executive protection services for off-site private and public events. Every event and venue provides its own unique set of security needs and challenges, we offer a custom step-by-step process to ensure coverage and protection from every angle.

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Executive Protection & Private Security

Executive Protection, also known as close protection, is a series of security measures put in place to ensure the safety your VIPs, executives, or celebrities who are at an increased risk of being targeted because of their position. Our professionals are highly trained and keep a low profile to ensure that you feel safe and not crowded.

Event Security

Event security is need specific and custom every time. Our event security solutions are professional, reliable, and flexible enough to adapt to any situation. We have to get it right so we are very detailed in every phase of the operation. From a professional on-site security professional to state-of-the-art technology nothing is left to chance.

Client Testimonials

Top Private Security Contractor Serving Greater Seattle & Select Cities in 70 Countries Around the World