Security Transformation & The Competitive Advantage – What Phase is Your Enterprise In?

Often times in in our consulting practice we hear from our clients and prospective clients that they are missing a policy or procedure, gates or guns, cameras or access control components that they desire to have in place.  This may all be very well appropriate perhaps for the organization, however, what often times occurs is a disconnect with the enterprise security risk management plan.  All organizations regardless of their size need to have a plan in place.  Some will be required to be more robust than others.  Some don’t have one & know they need one and, although rare, some don’t realize a need for one at all, whether it be out of ignorance or negligence.


At PRS we truly believe that each enterprise must have a custom approach to suit their individual business & organizational needs.  We do not wish to push a size 12 shoe across the board to any or all of our good clients or prospective clients.  Rather, the approach that we take through our pre-assessment phase is to learn details through a security maturity evaluation.  Listen to our Senior Advisor & Chief Security Officer – Rich Mason – in this video highlighting the issues and approach we take towards providing our solution to Enterprise Security Risk Management.  Learn more about this extremely important and complex issue!  Are you ready for a Security Transformation?


Michael Delamere
Michael Delamere

I am the President and Minority Owner of Premier Risk Solutions LLC. I have more than 19 years of experience in the security risk management industry in major markets like Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. I have worked with many of the Fortune 1000 corporations in dealing with sensitive matters in Human Resources, C-Suite staff (both at the office and residence), Corporate Security and Risk Management departments and have managed thousands of cases on a global scale centering on Protective Services, Risk Assessments, Investigations and Crisis Management Support. My special expertise is in Special Event Security, Protective Services Operations, and Risk & Threat Assessment.