The Use for People Science in the Evolution of Executive Protection

Premier Risk Solutions LLC (PRS) has created a new, fresh approach towards the Executive Protection industry. After listening to a group of cross representation of select end-users and subject matter experts, we have listened to the current and future opportunities that they have identified, gaps in the marketplace when considering the qualities of an individual agent(s) on Executive Protection assignments, and what the industry is already doing at a high level. Based on their experience working with Executive Protection providers these are the top five areas that they deem are most important for agents:

  1. High Level Professionalism & Appearance
  2. Ability to Communicate at All Levels
  3. Experienced Personnel
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Flexible and Adaptable


In short summary, these five qualities are required for an ideal candidate for Executive Protection agent positions can be summed up as highly trained, situationally aware, emotionally intelligent individuals who represent and carry themselves (and ergo their employer and client/principal) extremely well. Often the hard skills associated with the job (concealed weapons permit, education, previous training and related) are easy to identify through the talent selection process. It is the soft skills and emotional intelligence which are much more difficult to quantify and clarify with a level of certainty. We believe this is where the greatest opportunity for fitting the client needs rests.


PRS has developed our own Personalized Culture FitTM program that utilizes science of self methodologies creating custom job benchmarks for our staff to integrate into our client’s corporate culture and structure.


Using the PRS Meridian ModelTM, PRS’ senior management team will gain insight into unique needs and culture-specific tailoring to our approach in providing Executive Protection services. We are able to provide our client with a robust concept of how an Executive Protection program deployed can offset and/or prevent organizational strife during challenging times of a minor, moderate or major incident. Our model details ten (10) categories of consideration and discussion with our client to help articulate the value of an Executive Protection program.



In doing so, PRS and our client obtain a deeper relationship with each other to employ best practices and show true value to the client organization. Utilization of the Personalized Culture FitTM program is our unique approach to talent selection. We can provide validated and reliable empirical data that has been proven EEOC & OFCCP compliant to ascertain Behaviors, Driving Forces, Acumen Capacity Index and Competencies for each job benchmark/role identified for the final candidates to be considered for the position. In doing so, we can provide an additional level of comfort and definitiveness to our clients that the final candidate(s) selected for the role(s) will be a great match. The longer-term implications for this include reduced turnover, higher job satisfaction, engaged employees and a more satisfied client when proper fit is established and maintained. Bottom line, relationships matter and knowing our client’s unique needs for consistency and reliability is of utmost importance to PRS and the next evolution in Executive Protection.

Michael Delamere
Michael Delamere

I am the President and Minority Owner of Premier Risk Solutions LLC. I have more than 19 years of experience in the security risk management industry in major markets like Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. I have worked with many of the Fortune 1000 corporations in dealing with sensitive matters in Human Resources, C-Suite staff (both at the office and residence), Corporate Security and Risk Management departments and have managed thousands of cases on a global scale centering on Protective Services, Risk Assessments, Investigations and Crisis Management Support. My special expertise is in Special Event Security, Protective Services Operations, and Risk & Threat Assessment.